Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Audio applications in music21

My name is Jordi Bartolomé Guillén and I spent this last summer collaborating at MIT in the music21 project. It was a fantastic experience for me!

I started my days in Cambridge learning music21 a little bit. First, I developed a converter from NoteWorthy Composer notation into music21.

Later, I developed different audio applications using music21:

- Transcriber: It is a software that records monophonic music and shows you the corresponding score in the laptop.

- Score Follower: It shows you the score that you want to play in the screen and, using the microphone of the laptop, detects which part of the score you are playing. Consequently, it slides the page automatically when it decides that is the best moment to do it.
Using this software you can play a song without having to slide the pages manually. It could be useful in concerts!

- Repetition game: Finally, I developed a two-people game which consists of the repetition of the note played by the other player and the addition of a new one. The player that fails first one of the notes loses the game!

These are some pictures of the applications. I hope you can enjoy them soon!

P.S.: Michael, Chris, Tina, Jose and Neena, thank you for this summer!