Friday, April 27, 2012

Music21 External Overview

R. Michael Winters of McGill University has written up a short summary of some of the uses of music21 on his website. Thanks to R. Michael for his work and the shoutout!

Music21 was also a part of Florence Levé et al.'s work on rhythm extraction on polyphonic music in ISMIR 2011. See the paper here. It also helped enable Patrick Mennen's thesis "Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning based on Musical Information". Thanks also to Andrew Hankinson et al. for the shoutout in their paper Creating a large-scale searchable digital collection from printed music materials and to David Lewis et al. in their paper "Tools for Music Scholarship and their Interactions: A Case Study".

We're also thankful for the writeup about music21 by Douglas Mason in his article for the Department of Energy (p. 5) which won a 2011 DOE Emerging Writer Essay award. Douglas will be presenting aspects of music21 for data visualization at SIGGRAPH.

A new version of music21 was recently released. For the first time, regular and noCorpus versions are available (the latter for embedding in systems with low memory space or for fully LGPL'd needs). Download it at Google Code.