Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Abjad v.2 released

Woke up this morning to the great news that our friends Trevor Bača and Víctor Adán have released v.2 of their python-based, lilypond-powered, flexible music notation system Abjad (docs and installation instructions here). Abjad is a system for composers to build up scores from reusable, flexible elements and have precise control over notational elements. Some music21 users may have already noticed an "abj" directory in music21 and seen documentation at for how notes and simple streams can be translated from music21 to abjad. Since both projects use similar hierarchies including spanners and containers (Streams in music21), there is a lot of compatibility between the two. If a complete translator could be implemented (volunteers?), abjad would offer to music21 users high quality lilypond output and better tools for working with tuplets, staves with independent time signatures, and other rhythmic and layout tools that music21 does not yet have. Abjad users would gain access to music21's ability to parse many notational formats, work natively with intervals and harmonics, extensive scale collections (including Scala microtonal scales), and more. Getting these two projects closer to work more closely with each other is a win-win for everyone. Congrats to Trevor and Victor!

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