Saturday, March 10, 2018

music21 v.5 beta/release candidate

The first and hopefully only beta/release candidate of music21 v. 5 has been released.    If no bugs are discovered/reported, I expect this to be the release version to be released next weekend and I’m going to hold off on merging any new pull requests until then.   I expect v.5 of music21 to have a longer than usual lifespan (at least 18 months, possibly more) and don’t have any backwards incompatible changes planned for the future except in the alpha and tree directories.  

Music21 v.5 is the first version to require Python 3 (3.4 required.  3.5 or 3.6 recommended as this will be the last version to support 3.4).

Changes since Alpha 2:
  • braille -- accented characters translate to braille
  • features -- many jSymbolic Feature Extractors match the spec more closely (thanks to Micah W. for the patches). Expect more of these improvements throughout the v.5 lifecycle.
  • Bach chorales -- improvements to naming and texts. Expect more of these improvements throughout v.5. Thank you to Dr. Norman Schmidt for these.
  • Improvements and fixes in -- thanks to Ryaan Ahmed
  • More objects can be hidden with "hideObjectOnPrint"
  • Joplin, Maple Leaf Rag added to corpus
  • Guitar and other fretboards supported. Thanks to Luke Poeppel
  • Improvements to IPython/music21j MIDI
  • Added stream alignment tools in alpha.analysis. Thanks to Emily Zhang
  • docs for Stream.insertAndShift improved greatly.
  • separate zip file for docs.

Download at:

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